Our Family History


David J. Habegger, born in 1847, came to America on March 17, 1885 and settled near Berne, Indiana. And so began our American heritage!


The Habegger family has its origins in one of the smallest countries of Europe. In the land of Switzerland the Habegger's lived in the Canton (similar to a US state) of Bern, in which resides the city of Bern, the capitol of Switzerland.


About 25 miles east of the city of Bern lies the river Emme, and feeding into the Emme is a stream named Ilfis. It is on the hills and valleys near here the habegger's lived. On a hill named Habegg is the farm complex from which we received our family name.

Habegger Home


The name Habegg is a shortened form of Habichtegg which means Hawk Ridge. Even today it is a common site to see a hawk soaring on the air currents coming up from the valley. The hawk is able to remain motionless on the upward moving breeze. It was probable from such a common sight that the hill was given its name.


In 1672 Switzerland passed a law requiring all residents to register in the community in which they were currently residing. So all records prior to the time of emigration from Switzerland can be found in the record office in Trub. The village where one's name is recorded is know as one's "heimat" or home town.

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