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Dirty Grout Blues

Restore that dingy floor!

You loved your newly installed ceramic floor, but are now constantly cleaning your grout. Perhaps it’s a good time to consider using a “grout colorant?” A quality colorant will dramatically improve the looks of your ceramic floor and ease future cleaning.

Colorant is a topcoat sealer. It penetrates to some degree, but is considered topical. It’s not a stain, but is referred to as a ‘stain’. You should be able to color a black joint white or a brown joint yellow.  Traffic areas will wear in time, but re-application can freshen your grout look. Grout colorant can be a welcomed option to a tear-out or re-grout where grout has shaded or is just not the right color.

Before application the grout must be clean and dry. If a sealer has been applied it must be stripped according to the procedures for that particular sealer. Wait a day for it to dry.

Shake the colorant well. For wide joints, ¼ inch or above, apply colorant with a medium-bristle tooth brush (fine bristles will splatter and soft won’t scrub enough). For narrow joints less than ¼ inch, use a small artist brush. Pour some colorant in a small dish (an old butter bowl or 35mm film case with a lid keeps your colorant fresh if you take a break).

Work the colorant back and forth to fill the grout pores being careful to minimize applying colorant on the tiles. Wipe away overage after colorant is tacky. The longer the colorant stays on the tile the harder it is to remove. One layer will typically work, but if going from dark to light a second coat may be needed. This takes some time, but the results are worth your effort. You have a ‘like new’ floor requiring less cleaning.